Pencil Drawings &Photographic Prints

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Email:  Info@kam-artworks.com



  • Send a couple of large clear photos.
  • Place photos between (2) pieces of 1/4 inch thick (minimum) cardboard (larger than photos). Mail in a sturdy box.

Enclose a completed copy of the custom photo form along with your check/Money Order. 

Payable to:

Kathleen Mullarney

5577 Brockport Spencerport Rd

Brockport  NY  14420

Please allow 4 to 8 weeks for completion and delivery of your custom drawing.

  1. Artist may/will refuse unclear or out of focus photos.
  2. Custom work may be limited at artists discretion.
  3. Email a copy of photos and we can discuss them.

(Not responsible for damaged completed custom drawing during shipping).

Subject to price change depending on detail of drawing.  I will email you with any changes.

Your photos will be returned with your personalized drawing.

Personal Checks must clear the bank before shipping.  (Not responsible for photos until return mailing.)

If photo is not clear or gets damaged during mailing - your photo, check/money order will be returned.  You will be notified by email.


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